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KX MATRIKX  01-450-20-GREEN  Carbon Filter , The Chlorine Guzzler, 4.25”W X  20''L, 1 micron, 20” Big Blue Housing,  Single unit.

Product Summary

Matrikx® CTO®Plus filters, powered by GreenBlock®, are made from 100% coconut shell carbon, a renewable, and ecologically sustainable material. The carbon is processed into blocks using a unique binder system and proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce filters with a greater number of micro-pores and available carbon surface area, which display superior adsorption capacity and kinetic dynamics.

KX MATRIKX +1  01-450-20-GREEN  Product Feature

  • 1 Nominal 1 Micron Filtration
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities
  • Manufactured from NSF standard 61 certified coconut shell carbon.
  • Performance validated by independent laboratories including WQA
  • NSF Standard 42 certified (material safety)
  • Performance Tested and Verified by Independent Laboratory Testing
  • Quality and performance monitored in extensive in-house laboratories
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction Capacity @ Flow: 
  • Chlorine Taste and Odour Reduction Capacity: >160,000 gal @ 7.0 GPM
  • VOC Reduction Capacity: 4,000 gal. @ 2 GPM


  • Dimensions: 4.25” W x 20” L
  • Pressure Drop Spec @ Flow = 16.0 psid @ 7 GPM
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 125°F
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 psig
  • Maximum Differential Pressure: 100 psid
  • Collapse Pressure: 200 psid

 *To keep your water taste better, our recommendation is changing Matrix 01-450-20-GREEN CTO Plus filter every 3~ 6 months.