About Us(English)

Who Are We?

We’ve been in business since 2002, and H2O Avenue is family owned water filter business in San Diego California. We believe in keeping business operations simple in order to provide excellent customer service and competitive pricing.


What We Do

Many times, the process of finding the correct replacement filter can be very confusing because there are too many brands and too many products.  Most people don’t know what to get.

We have selected only trusted brands and quality products which are used in our own home.  We’ve tried to simplify the process by doing the following:  

-Created a website that is easy to navigate

-Selecting only the products we would use ourselves

-Offering affordable prices

-Providing excellent customer service


We want to make sure that the people who want to drink purified water can do it and continue to do it over time.  Many studies show the additional benefits of drinking pure water free of contaminants. This is our way of helping people improve their health.  If the health benefits aren’t important, then taste is your concern.  Simply put, filtered water tastes better than water from the tap.

For your Health



 We try to drink about 30 Oz good quality water every day.




Eco Activity

By having a water filtration system at your home, you will be performing an Eco Activity.  You will be contributing to the many efforts to protect the environment.  This is achieved in the two following ways:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses by eliminating the need for water delivery, whether it is you driving to the store or the delivery truck for home delivery.
  • Reduce waste by eliminating the need for disposable water bottles.