Frequently asked questions about your water purification system





Help choosing Filters
  I don't know how to find what I need
Which elements does your reverse osmosis system remove from the water?
  You might be want to know how each stage's filter works for your RO system , easy way to find out!
How RO System works?
  You might be want to know how your RO system works, see the detail of RO system technology
What components does the RO reverse osmosis system include?
  If you purcahse PuROLINE RO system from us, water storage tank, faucet, and filters are included, please see product page to find out more detail.
How long will it take to get quality drinking water?
  You should have quality drinking water within 30-40 minutes.
RO system Installation
  The site is under development, coming soon
What do I need to setup the system?
RO Trouble