Does this system come with a warranty?

Our warranty on our Home Reverse Osmosis System is for 3 years. All defective parts (excluding filters) will be replaced free within the first 3 years. There are no other warranties express or implied concerning this 
product, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a articular 
purpose. We are not responsible for consequential damages which occur as the result of a defective component.

In addition, the manufacturers of the components provide these warranties:

  • Faucet: Touch-FLO provides a limited lifetime warranty: Click Here for 
  • Warranty
  • Membrane: FilmTec provides a 3 year pro-rated warranty.
  • Pre-Filter (Carbon): Matrikx provides a warranty: Click Here for Warranty
  • Post-Filter: Omnipure provides a warranty: Click Here for Warranty
  • Tank: Amtrol provides a five-year warranty. For the year of manufacture, refer to the last two digits on the tank's serial number.

NSF and the Water Quality Association set the standards in the water 
purification industry. In order to obtain certification from NSF, the WQA, 
or a state government for a reverse osmosis system, one must submit the assembled system to the organization or agency and pay a fee of several thousand dollars. The agency will then issue a statement which says that the system is certified. In order to keep our prices low, we have not obtained certification for our system as a whole. However, all of the components of our system are certified. If you have any problem with our system, contact us to arrange to have the system checked. Here are the web sites of most of the manufacturers of our components:

  • Ametek pre-filter housings Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42
  • the Ametek housings are manufactured by Plymouth Products, a 
  • subsidiary of US Filter.
  • Amtrol tanks Tested and certified to NSF Standard 58
  • FilmTec membranes Tested and certified to NSF Standard 58
  • Matrikx carbon pre-filter: Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42 ( the Matrikx filter is manufactured by K X Industries, L.P.)
  • Omnipure post-filter Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42
  • Purtrex sediment pre-filter Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42
  • TOUCH-Flo faucet Tested and certified to NSF Standard 61

NSF Standards:
42: Drinking Water Treatment Units: Aesthetic Effects
53: Drinking Water Treatment Units: Health Effects
58: Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems
61: Products which come into contact with drinking water

NSF performance claims for filters and membranes require testing in a 
specified housing or system, and the certified claims are only valid for the filter or membrane when operated in the specific housing or system. However, the performance claims made by the manufacturers of the components in our system have been tested by various independant certified labs in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53. In addition, numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers have also obtained NSF certified performance claims incorporating these components in their systems.