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PuROLine LINE-50 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System (Complete Reverse Osmosis System)

 PRO LINE-50 as PuROLine PL40T50 replacement

  • 50 gallons per day
  • Made in the USA
  • Simple installation and maintenance (see installation document)
  • Produces healthier and better-tasting drinking water
  • Use better tasting water for your daily cooking, coffee and tea.
  • Initiate Eco living activity, reduce wasting plastic bottle, reducing carbon dioxide Emissions (drive to store, someone deliver to your home, or delivery from manufacture to local store etc…)
  • PuROLine Reverse Osmosis Unit comes with faucet, filters( two sediment filters, carbon block filter,  membrane, inline filter) RO tank, auto shut off valve, installation kit, and installation instructions.

PuROLine Specification |Download SpecManual

• 3/8” From tank to faucet 
• PENTEK (Ametek housings) 
• Auto shut off 
• Omnipure, KX, Osmonics Filters 
• Desal membranes 
• John Guest Fittings 
• Tank ball valve 
• Drain connector
• Supply feed 
• 5 year warranty on NSF 3.2 gallon storage tank
• Lifetime warranty on NSF/Prop 65 lead free, faucet

PuROLine 4 Stage LINE-50 process and replacement filter

Stage 1 -5 micron sediment filter

  • Sediment filter reduce larger particles which dirt, rock, sand grains, rust and other visible contaminants.
  • Replace every 4~6 months depends on your water quality
  • Recommend replacement cartridge :Purtrex PX05-10,PX05-9/7/8

Stage 2- Carbon Block Filter

  • Carbon filter reduce chemicals, such as  chlorine, and other taste and odor causing compounds.
  • Replace 1yr  depends on your water quality
  • Recommend replacement cartridge :Matrikx 01-250-125-975

Stage 3- Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • Reverse Osmosis membrane reduces 93%-98% of dissolved minerals, salt and other contaminates from your water supply.  This is where the purification takes place
  • Replace 2yr  depends on your water quality
  • Recommend replacement cartridge :Filmtec TW30-1812-50

Stage 4-Post Carbon Filter (Inline Filter )

  • Post Carbon Filter is polishing process that removes tastes and odors out of water
  • Replace 1yr depends on your water quality
  • Recommend replacement cartridge :Omnipure CL10-ROT-33B(or K2533)